Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekly Review - 10/22/2006

I was out of town for about half of the week working my new job resposibilities even though they do not officially start until November 1. I only completed two cardio workouts this week. I got one in today when I returned home. Due to a crazy work schedule, I was not able to work out. On business trips I usually lose weight, but the weight re-distributes itself to my stomach. I had a feeling I had lost some weight because my cargo pants kept falling off my waist. Here are my reading when I got back home: weight=144.5 lbs, fat=9.5%, water=70.5%.
The week before I weighed 147.0 lbs. Even though I ate out for dinner instead of cooking dinner for myself, I lose weight on business trips because I miss the mid morning, mid afternoon, and late evening snacks.

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