Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekly Review - 10/1/2006

This was the week of non-traditional workouts. I mowed the lawn one day. I washed and waxed the car another day. Completed two cardio sessions. And on the weekend, I literally dug a trench two feet deep on one side of my outside storage shed.

Why, you ask? I had a family of cats living under my shed for a few weeks. I bought some animal repellant from Home Depot where the main ingredient was cayenne pepper. I also bought some moth balls. The cats, father, mother, and three kittens were entering from one side of the shed that has a small wooden deck platform. The repellant and moth balls scared the cats away. In the past, I have also had groundhogs under my shed. I removed the wood planks with a crowbar, placed and secured chicken wire along the one side of the platform, covered with dirt, and nailed the planks back down. The chicken wire should prevent any animals from digging underneath that side of the shed. I was only able to work on one half of the length of the shed. I will have to complete the other half another day.

It was difficult work. Using a crowbar, removing nails, digging and moving dirt. My biceps were sore and the hamstrings were tight. I am right handed, so my right hand is "tired" from gripping a hammer too many times.

Around the start of the Steelers game, I heard a kitten meowing from outside. The kitten was in my neighbors backyard and I saw it run away up their driveway. The cats are still in the neighborhood, but not under my shed anymore.

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