Thursday, November 29, 2007

GetGo WetGo Review

What is WetGo, a new diaper/undergarment to compete against Depends? No, WetGo is GetGo's name for it's automated car wash. A co-worker gave me a coupon for a free car wash at GetGo which had an expiration date of 12/3. I decided to try it out after lunch, so I went to the GetGo on Route 8 in Butler, PA. I assume my experience will be the same at other WetGo locations. I went inside and the cashier gave me a receipt with an access code printed on it. There was actually an attendant at the start of the car wash who keyed in the access code and gave very brief instructions. I was told to put my car in neutral as I drove onto a conveyor belt which ran under my driver side tires. The conveyor belt eventually grabbed my tires and pulled me into and through the car wash. It was a strange feeling being sucked into the car wash - the sounds, not being able to see out the windows. It was painless and at the end of the car wash, a green lit light indicating it was ok to put my car into drive and head on out. So, how well did it clean my car? My car was moderately dirty, and car wash actually did a good job of cleaning my car. I would rate it 7 of of 10. The rinse cycle was a little short so I was not as pleased with the rinse cycle. The short rinse cycle contributed to some streaking on the windows. My car is a hatchback and has a windshield wiper on the rear window that is a little loose. I was afraid that the car wash would knock off the wiper blade, but it did not. This may sound strange, but I have owned my car for 5 years and have always hand washed/waxed it. Until today. With winter coming, I may consider get more car washes at the WetGo at GetGo.

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