Tuesday, November 20, 2007

State of My Union Address

Most of my recent posts have not had anything to do with logging my workouts. Why? Well, after Halloween, I decided I really needed to give my right elbow and the lingering tennis elbow a good long rest. I knew I would be out of town on business the week before Thanksgiving, and the week of Thanksgiving would be hectic, so why not take a break from the workouts. I made an appointment with my hand surgeon for next Monday to check out my tennis elbow. Yes, I had to go to a hand surgeon last year because of Dequervain's tendonitis. I am hoping I can get a cortisone shot, resting my elbow just does not seem to help.

Rest is good, but there are some negatives from not working out: 1) my bad left knee feels unstable. I had arthoscopic surgery on this knee about 12 years ago for a meniscus tear. My left knee feels "rusty" if I do not exercise it for a while; 2) I actually lose weight due to losing muscle mass; 3) I have exercise induced asthma, which flares up when the weather change from warm to cold. I need to keep up my cardio or I will have problems breathing in cold weather. Now you understand why maintaining a workout routine becomes more difficult with age.

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