Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Red Lobster Whiner

I ate dinner at the Red Lobster in Naples, FL tonight. I waited a long time for a server to take my order. In the booth next to me, a mother and daughter were having dinner and the mother requested to speak to the manager and also wanted a different waitress. In fact, I never say the waitress that was supposed to serve me for the rest of the evening. The manager either canned her or told her to leave for the evening. You would not believe this, but after complaining about everything from the biscuits to the dessert, the mother actually had the nerve to ask the manager how her daughter could apply for a job as a bus person. The manager was politically correct and said that all applicants must pass a personality test. I doubt if her daughter will ever work there. So, how was the food. Well, the food was tasty, but when someone whines all evening about everything, the meal just is not that enjoyable. The mother did have a right to complain, but she went over the top. The daughter was so embarrassed by her mother's whining, she asked to leave even before the dessert came out.

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