Sunday, November 25, 2007

Parts is Parts

I spent Thanksgiving weekend at my mother's house in the South Hills with my older and younger brother. On my way back home to the Northern part of Allegheny County, I made my way to the CompUSA in Robinson Township. Sure, it was not a direct route, but I stopped in to buy an Antec True Power Trio 650 Watt power supply for the computer I have not built yet. I have slowly been collecting parts for my DIY home built PC. I already have a computer case, a SATA hard drive, a DVD drive/burner, and a license for Windows XP. I am saving the more expensive parts for later - processor, motherboard, RAM, and video card. With winter here, I really can not work on the yard outside or any outdoor home improvement projects, so building my own PC will be a good indoor winter project. I have essentially replaced everything I can in my present PC and have maxed out the performance of it.

Can I build a PC myself? Sure, I do take apart PC's for a living. The only difference is the PC's at work are standardized by my company and all of the components are guaranteed to work together. I will keep you updated on my progress.

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