Thursday, April 13, 2006

CTS-not the Cadillac

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, not the vehicle Cadillac CTS, has been bothering me recently - both physically and mentally. I exhibited mild symptoms back in December when I got my annual physical. Since March it has gotten worse. I am right handed, so my right hand is affected. My left hand is OK. I do not have full range of motion when I bend my right wrist. There is pain on top of my right wrist. I started getting back into my workout routine in March, so I wonder if the pain in my wrist is related to my workouts. It is starting to get inside my head also. I am worrying about it. I will have a long weekend break from any keyboard activity when I visit my Mom this Easter weekend. I have checked to make sure that I have my new health insurance card so I can schedule an appointment with my family doctor. Guys like to procrastinate about health related issues. The CTS is a cool looking vehicle. I first time I saw it was in the Matrix Reloaded movie.

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