Saturday, April 29, 2006

Kurt Angle 3 I's

Kurt Angle, WWE Superstar, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Pittsburgh native, attributes his success to practicing the 3 I’s:

Intelligence, Integrity, and Intensity

I have come up with my own 3 I’s, but to out do Kurt Angle, I have 4 I’s:


Let me go into detail about each I:

Insomnia – The amount of sleep I get every day plays a role in how tired I am to complete my workouts. I am a night owl. I like to stay up, watch David Letterman and Craig Ferguson, surf the Internet, play a video game, etc before I go to bed. After work, I take a nap, and then workout. Sometimes I nap too much and sometimes I am still sleepy after my nap, so I skip working out. I can only work out 2 days in a row, then I take one day off. If I work out 3 days in a row, my body gets too tired. Sleep/rest is essential to let my body recuperate from the stress of working out.

Intake – I watch what I eat. I eat lean, healthy foods: oatmeal, chicken, fish, vegetables, yogurt, and very little red meat. However, I do like to cheat. I like Subway, but I also love their cookies. I have to decrease my intake if I am not working out.

Iron – muscle is more efficient at burning calories than fat. I seem to have problems exercising each body part at least once a week.

Inhale – cardio/aerobics is essential to burning fat. I have not been able to work up to an amount of cardio that I could really benefit from.

For me, it has been difficult to maintain all 4 I’s at the same time. Usually, I can maintain 3 of the I’s, but I always miss out on the 4 th I.

Kurt Angle may have 3 I’s, but I have 4 I’s. You SUC# !

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Anonymous said...

Man got to go with Kurt Angle's. 3 sides to a pyramid around the most inportant eye.