Saturday, April 22, 2006

Scaphoid Fracture - Unofficial

Unofficially, I believe I have a scaphoid or wrist fracture. I have not received the official results of the x-rays yet, but everything I have read leads me to believe this. It usually happens when you fall and try to brace the fall with your hands. At first, I could not remember when I fell down. I then realized that I had fallen on 3-8-2006. I was walking on an uneven, unpaved parking lot. I lost my balance, fell forward, and used my hands to brace the fall.

If the fracture is minor, I will just need a cast for two to three months. If the fracture is really bad, I will also need surgery to have a pin placed in my wrist. Recovery is long because the blood flow to this area of the hand is not ideal. I hope I just need a cast with no surgery. Due to the length of time my wrist will be in a cast, I will probably need physical therapy later to re-strength the muscles in my hand and wrist.

It is hard to accept that my wrist is fractured. I thought this only happened to older people with weak bones. I guess my body is no longer as young as it used to be.

This really puts a dent in my workouts. How I am going to keep my upper body in shape? I will be able to keep my legs in shape and concentrate on my cardio. I can not believe this, another setback. Damn!

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