Friday, April 14, 2006

Route 8 Freak Accident

Last night, I got caught in a traffic jam on Route 8. I thought that maybe an idiot driver had caused an accident. I was worried about getting home early enough so I could either mow the lawn or complete a workout. I sat in traffic for about 45 minutes wondering what happened. Eventually, another motorist walked through the line of vehicles and told everyone that the Police were going to close Route 8. We had to turn around. He also said 3 people had died. Wow. Later that evening on the late evening news, I heard the details of the accident. I happened around 5:00PM. A wood chipper came loose from a dump truck that was hauling it, and slammed into a minivan. A father and two of three triplets lost their lives. After some reflection, I have the following thoughts:

1. Life really is precious. I was only about 10 minutes behind the site of the accident. If I had left work 10 minutes earlier, I could have been in the accident.
2. Me worrying about getting home on time was trivial.
3. I did not know the man involved in the accident, but I do know that he was a dedicated father. The Post Gazette featured the father in an article in 2004 about fathers who get involved with their children. Mr. Morrison actually took a one year educational sabbatical to spend time with this children.

I extend my thoughts and prayers to the Morrison family.

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